Picture and Commercial Framing

Pattern Inlays

Pattern Inlays

A unique way for contemporary framing. Our Decorator Inlays are Hand Crafted Patterns made from the finest woods, African Wenge,  Mother of  Pearl, Cherry Wood, Birds Eye Maple, and finished end-to-end with hand applied lacquer. 

You will find  eleven (11) unique pattern series for framing or accent as a liner.  See our Section "Photo Frames" for a complete line of the inlay photo frames.   Click on any of the headers under Pattern Inlays to revel our Collections. 

Bubble Fun: Circular Pattern resembling bubbles-fun colors

Classico Collection: Birdes eye stain swirl pattern

Contempo:   Two-toned collection with light & dark pattern

Feather Magic: Colorful feather pattern

Florentine: Lazer Cut interlocking pattern with mother of pearl

Kidz Line: Teddy Bears, crayons, house, auto ect.

Parquet: Harringbone pattern

Patch Quilt: Varigated color patterns in a patch quilt design

Pin Stripe:  Color on Color pin stripes

Treasure Collection: Card Suite, music notes, keyboards, ect.

Midnight Collection: Black & white patterns