Picture and Commercial Framing

Wood Moulding


Global Art Inc. offers a large variety of hand crafted natural wood mouldings along with, pattern inlays, ebony, cherry, birds eye maple, gold & silver leaf mouldings.  Our line also consists of  contemporary and traditonal mouldings including gold & silvers.

Our moulding selection offers uniqueness to framing, including texturized patterns, inlays, shadow box depths and a variety of hand crafted and layered laquer designs.

The mouldings range from inch to 3 inch rabbet depths. Our Gold Dust Collection entails soft gold-patterned designs, while our Diamond Collection brings the silver leaf patterns to a new level.  

Click on Pattern Inalys  for unique wood moulding creations. 

Color Blocks are contemporary fun wood mouldings with depth for framing.  Our Bolero & Leading Edge  line has unique silver, gold and bronze moulding that are texturized & sculptured.

For special savings on discontined wood mouldings vist our Discontinued Silver, Discontinued Gold & Discontinued Misc. Please call for available quantity and pricing.