Inlay Patterns


Handcrafted in Italy

 A unique way for contemporary framing, our Decorator Inlays are hand crafted patterns made from the finest woods: African Wenge, Mother of Pearl, Cherry Wood, and Birds Eye Maple, and finished end-to-end with hand applied lacquer. You will find eleven unique pattern series for framing or accent as a liner.  

Pattern Collections

Bubble Fun –An exploding pattern of fun and style using Mother of Pearl, Walnut, and Stained Color inlays.
Classico –Includes Birds Eye Maple, Ipec, and Tortoise Shell. This collection spans the color variations from browns, blues, and greens.
Contempo –Features a unique barber-pole pattern with two color tones. The moulding consists of Mother of Pearl, Birdseye Maple, and Black Onyx. A colored stain finish and a lacquer gloss adds to the beauty of this moulding line. Great for Retro Framing, POPART, and as liners for other mouldings.
Feather Magic –A clean contemporary frame with a light, airy, feather pattern. Great for fun work or Southwestern art.
Kidz Line –Hard stained inlay patterns running in both vertical and horizontal directions within the same design, helps to create fun and unusual patterns.
Parquet –Feature inlaid wood in a herringbone pattern to create a parquet design. Available in three classic wood colors, these frames are sure to create a sophisticated look in any home.
Patch Quilt –Consists of variegated block patterns in each moulding. Patterns repeat in three shades approximately every 12 inches.
Pin Stripe –A collection of striped color on color patterns, stained mouldings with a gloss finish. 
Treasure –A unique collection of fantasy designs, hobby interests, and festival styles & colors including card suite, music notes, keyboards, and more. A great moulding for that special occasion!
Midnight – Black and dark grey collection of wood mouldings with pearl inlay and herringbone design patterns. 


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