Wood Frames


 Global Art offers a large variety of hand crafted natural wood mouldings. Our selection offers uniqueness to your framing and includes textured patterns, inlays, shadow box depths, and a variety of hand crafted and layered lacquer designs. These mouldings range from ½ inch to 3 inch rabbet depths. 


Our Collections

 Basic Elements – Contemporary mouldings with a furniture finish and deep channels for framing. Colors consist of walnut, luggage brown, natural, and cherry.
Black/Ebony –Black mouldings with various depths, widths, and patterns. Depths range from ½ inch to 3 inches. 
Bolero –Directly from Spain, these unique mouldings offer soft silver and gold hues. Sculptured mouldings include rub finishes and offer 5/8 framing depths. Wide width mouldings have deco edge trim and textured finishes.
Color Blocks –Contemporary wood mouldings are available in 6 decorator colors with a ½ inch depth for easy framing. Great to use with contrasting mats or children’s décor. 

Graphite Series –Metallic wood mouldings available in 8 unique textures; offers a stylish, artistic look suitable for any décor.
Leading Edge –Crackled finish mouldings available in three finished and styles, ranging in widths from 1-2 inches and framing depths up to 1 inch. 
Medley –A collection of dark and light-washed mouldings in several different styles including Teak Veneer, Aztec, Scroll, and Texture.  

Modern Blocks –A contemporary line of flat top neutral stained wood mouldings with depths from ½ inch to 1-1/4 inch.
Rainbow –Distressed finish with seven playful colors. All mouldings have a 5/8 framing depth.
Renaissance –Gold and Silver mouldings including carved and rub tones.
Snow White –Collection of crisp white mouldings in various widths. 
Transition –Includes metal etched woods, crackle, and textured finishes. Mouldings range from ¾ inch to 2-1/2 inch widths and up to 5/8 inch deep. 
Wicker –A textured collection of five colors with two profiles resembling wicker.

Windswept –A selection of beautifully textured wood frames. The collection includes classic silver & gold tiling, as well as cascading wavy carvings showcasing the natural wood below the surface.

Wood Moulding Catalog

Fall 2019 WOOD CATALOG (pdf)